Wednesday, September 8, 1999

I need the help of an Italian from Sicily?

Almond milk bar? White in color - very flavorful?
My husband grew up in Italy (Sicily) he swears that there is an almond bar which you cut off a piece of it and add water and it becomes almond milk ( I drink alot of Almond Breeze but he swears the bar is much better). I can't seem to find it anywhere and it seems know one has ever heard of it- Any idea where I might find it?

Answer on I need the help of an Italian from Sicily?

Not sure if you are looking for this but seems to match your description.

Latte di mandorla also known as Fior di mandorle and Pasta per latte di mandorle depending on the brand and actual ingredients but all are to make almond drink.
I really not sure if you can find in some shops which carry Italian food products as its not world wide famous but a typical product of Sicily.…