Friday, August 27, 1999

Out of all the diets and weight loss techniques...?

Out of all the diets and weight loss techniques you have personally tried, what was the most successful for you? But I'm looking for low cost or do it yourself ideas, nothing like personal trainers or fit clubs or expensive pills. Looking for a fool proof do-it-yourself. Also taking in to consideration working with the schedule of a stay at home mom with a 10 month old.

Answer on Out of all the diets and weight loss techniques...?

For fat loss?

HIGH protein MODERATE fats LOW carbs

or HIGH protein MODERATE fats MODERATE carbs (around my workouts only)

No cute name. No fancy packaging or pills. Just food based around our activity level and more importantly, how our body works.

Of course, this don't tell you much. Pretty generic right? Well, you didn't tell us much about you. Like your current weight and goal weight.

edit: okay, here's the first option I mention above:

1400 calories for you in your current condition. 600 calories from protein (150 grams) + 600 calories from healthy fats (65 grams) + 200 calories from carbs (50 grams)

Now, the second option I mentioned:

Still 1400 calories. Still 600 calories from protein (150 grams) and this time the remaining 800 calories can be split between the carbs and fats however you like. But only eat your carbs in the meal prior to your workout or the meal right after your workout. Or, split the carbs in those two meals.

For the low carb diet, design your meals around these foods:

Protein: eggs, chicken, tuna, salmon, white fish, turkey, whey protein powder

Fat: almonds, cashews, all natural peanut butter, avacado, extra virgin olive oil, fish oil capsules, evening primrose capsules

Carbs: only GREEN veggies.

If you go the NON low carb route, you can use the same protein and fat sources but with these carb sources too:

Carbs: oatmeal, fruits, veggies, rice, pasta

Those are two well designed fat loss meals. If you aren't going to workout, definitely do the first option. You could still do the first option IF you DO workout, but you could also try the second one too. It would be up to you.

That's it. Please remember, a well designed diet is 80% of our success. You might hear people say "diets don't work" blah blah blah. Well, maybe their horribly designed diet don't work. But a good thought out diet will ALWAYS work if its applied 100%.

This is the blueprint. The rest is up to you! good luck!