Sunday, July 25, 1999

How much running is it gonna take to lose weight?

So i recently started running every night with the hopes of some weight loss through out the next following months :S I'm 5'10 and around 215lbs i only jog about a mile a night which is really little but could that possibly translate to weight loss? I'm not on a strict diet, i eat w/e i want but i do take care not to consume too much of anything at once especially junk food. So please post any helpful tips or advice on running to lose weight or losing weight in general ty!

NOTE: i used to be very healthy ran 2-3 miles on a daily basis but unfortunately i hit a slump and pretty much let myself go -.- am no where near the physical shape i had once let alone the determination to do it again... ;[

Answer on How much running is it gonna take to lose weight?

You may need to follow your diet a little more strictly if you want too see the lb's drop off.

You should also be taking a rest day between runs if your just getting back into it, youll injure yourself if you not careful.

Are you running constantly?
If so try do intervals, 1min sprinting 1-2mins walking to recover, repeat 5 times. This will up your metabolism for the next day if your giving it all youve got. And it increases your cardio health quicker too. Make sure you spend 5 mins jogging slowly/walking quickly to warm up/cooldown tho,

Do that twice a week and go for one long steady paced jog too and youll see the difference with how long you can last in your steady jog or ill eat my hat.

And just for your own reference, 1 mile walked or run burns roughly 100 calories.