Sunday, June 13, 1999

What are you allowed to play as a DJ in the US?

I am looking to DJ in the United States. Let me be real for a second: a good 80% of my music is pirated. I understand that I am devoid of morals by pirating music, and I am aware that the artists, producers, and janitors at the record labels will all starve to death, but can someone help me out with this question? Can I just play whatever I want? Or are there some laws against what I'm allowed to do? Are these laws enforced? I have seen DJs getting into trouble in Australia, the UK, and Italy, but what about the "Good Ol' US of A?"

Answer on What are you allowed to play as a DJ in the US?

You aren't allowed to play anything with vulgar or offensive language in it. That's if you're playing it on the radio.
If you're going to be a club DJ, you can play whatever the club is okay with. They won't care WHERE you got the music.
As long as you don't let them catch you pirating it, you should be okay.