Wednesday, June 9, 1999

Cayenne pepper metabolism tablets, or one a day weight loss?

my mom gave me these two bottles of vitamins for help in weight loss. i was just reading up on them, but one article said to not eat anything for 10 days and only take cayenne pepper tablets and drink lemonade? i could never do that, so if that's the only way for those to work i'm not going to even try them.
the other ones i have are equate weight conscious. those dont sound as beneficial or helpful as the cayenne pepper tablets do, but if they help you lose weight faster then i would do it.

i work out 3-5 times a week and the days i dont work out i clean my house which is an equivalent to working out for me.
i try to eat healthy, being that i am on a budget, i sometimes just have to eat whatever is in the fridge. i buy healthy groceries when i go shopping, and then when they spoil or run out i just dont have the money to spend on all the healthier stuff, so basically.
i am asking, given my healthy-ish diet, and the fact that i work out on a regular basis, what pill would suit me best?
not to mention i am also on zoloft, i dont think natural supplements will do anything with that, but i just want to make sure (i take 100mg) frankly the cayenne one sounds good to me in my opinion but if i have to drink lemonade for 10 days i KNOW i wouldnt be able to do that.....

any help would be appreciated. i just keep trying and trying and trying and it comes off... slowly... veeeeeeeerrry slowly. i just want something that will give me a little more of a kick, so im actually benefitting from the process.

Answer on Cayenne pepper metabolism tablets, or one a day weight loss?

Oh honey. Please do me a favour and throw the word diet out of your vocabulary. Fit people don't take diet pills. Fit people don't starve themselves. Fit people don't try to find a quick fix for their bodies.

Here is the plan. Find your daily caloric requirements by checking Ehow. They won't sell you anything. Then check that old food guide you learned about in school and start making healthy meal choices. Your mom can join you in this effort. Then continue to be active and even try to go for an every day activity that lasts about an hour, on top of your formal exercise program. Walking is a great idea and your mom can join you.

Good luck. Stay off the dumb diet sites. Learn about your body and what it takes to be a fit, powerful woman.