Monday, May 24, 1999

So when do we overthrow our Parliament then?

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Saudi, they are all at it. They are sick of being ruled with an iron fist, kept poor whilst the political or in some cases royal elite live lavish life styles. So what have they done, they have started peaceful protests.
Not all of these protests have remained peaceful and many have died, especially those trying to depose Colonel G in Libya, but they have started a process which (so long as they keep going), will result in them getting rid of their leader.

In the UK, we twitter, text, email, blog and YA our moans and groans, we ask questions, answer questions, rant and rage. We basically do what the British have done for tens if not hundreds of years, go down the pub, moan and groan, point out what is wrong and how we can do it better. Then we leave the pub, or turn of our computer, and go about carrying on with the life that we have been bemoaning all day/night, and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Do you think that the British propensity for this behaviour is not only understood by the Politicians, but is in fact relied upon. Lets face it we voted in the Tories in 79 and then we eventually hated them so voted in Labour, then we hated them and voted in......... well got, a Coalition.
Chances are that at the end of this parliament we will see labour returned and the next one the tories ad Infinity.

So back to the question, will we the aggrieved British suckers ever get the balls to actually do something about it, or is it back to the pub to set the world right for another hour or so before getting back on the treadmill?

Answer on So when do we overthrow our Parliament then?

I realised the patheticness of the British people sticking together when a neighbour and I were clearing the street from the snow just before xmas. Two people out of twenty plus, that was the day I thought what a bunch of lazy bastards, no way would I fight for these free loading tossers.
What ever happened to Great Britain, when men were men and sheep were scared.