Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Help with Xenical, please don't say "don't take diet pills"?

im taking xenical.
i won't stop taking it so no use in telling me to do so, im taking it along with exercising daily and having a well balanced healthy diet. xenical simply increeases your weight loss by 50% so if I were to lose 4lbs a week with no tablets, taking them would make me lose 6lbs (the 4 I'd normally lose and then another 50% which is 2lbs more)

but, do these work as well if you are only taking 1 a day with your main meal? I do not want to take the 3 a day (they are 120mg) as i will get poopy pants at work, no lie.. im scared of that!!!!!

so yeh, advice, will 1 a day tues - sat be ok and then 3 on sun and 3 on mon (as these are the days im off work)

thanks for your help in advance!

please no time wasters "you dont need weight loss pills just determination and magic dust.. blah blah"

Answer on Help with Xenical, please don't say "don't take diet pills"?

You might also want to look into Que She. Ive no experience with the pill you're mentioning. I've tried a bunch out of which none worked except Hydroxycut which is now illegal and Que She. Ive included a link where youc an read Que She reviews and testimonials. All the best.