Thursday, April 8, 1999

Was I wrong to marry again?

My name's Leona. I am 29. I married my husband Jay Khan in 2001. We were happy, and I have five children. Jessica, Maryam, Nadia, Sohail and Abdul with him. However, sadly he passed away in 2006 of cardic arrest, rip Jay.

I couldn't get over it. Then everything changed, In 2008 I met a English model James whilst I was in Britain holding a protest against the BNP. We instantly bonded and we became married on August 2009. My children don't like their step-father and often verbally abused him saying he killed him. So, in December after christmas I sent my children to love with my mother in Spain and I became obsessed with him that I ended up never ever talking to them very often. In January I found out James was having an affair with another women, and she was pregnant with his child. I knew I made a mistake, but mother sent me letters, phoned me and emailed me that my children were becoming homesick, I didn't care. What's worst? I'm divorced with James and I am currently batterfeilding my way in to getting in to Italy to make it up to my children. I made a mistake, and I can't help feel the guilt. Everyone acused me of being a bad mother, Am I really that bad?

Answer on Was I wrong to marry again?

You sent your children to Spain to live with your mother, but now you are trying to get to Italy??

You are divorced after 4 weeks?? WOW thats some quickie!