Tuesday, March 2, 1999

What do you think of my updated list?

I made some changes to my favorite name list and was just wondering what you all think. Let me know good or bad. Most descriptive answer wins the 10 pts

Trenton Scott
Maison David
Dillon Matthew
Brayden Lee
Jackson Davis
Shawn Hunter
Drake Michael
Ethan Alexander
Nathan Carter
Makayla Ann
Scarlett Rose
Lorelai Paige
Rosalei Grace
Brooklyn Hope
Emmaline Raine
Maddalyn Faith
Gracelynn Destiny
Arabella Skye

Answer on What do you think of my updated list?

Trenton Scott- This one is ok. I'm not that much of a fan of Trenton, but it flows nicely.
Maison David- I really like this one! The only thing I would change, is I would spell Maison, Mason.
Dillon Matthew- I'm not a fan of that spelling of Dillon. I prefer Dylan. Also Matthew Dylan would flow better.
Brayden Lee- I really like this one to. It flows very well.
Jackson Davis- I'm not a fan of Jackson, otherwise it does flow very well.
Shawn Hunter- I would really like this one if it was spelt Sean Hunter. That would be so cute!
Drake Michael- This one is alright.
Ethan Alexander- I quite like this one. My brothers name is Ethan Robert.
Nathan Carter- I like this one if the nickname would be Nate.
Makayla Ann- I really like this one. It looks pretty, and flows very well.
Scarlett Rose- This one is just gorgeous!
Lorelai Paige- I'm not a fan of Lorelai, but it flows well.
Rosalei Grace- I'm not a fan of Rosalei, but I love Grace.
Brooklyn Hope- I really like this one. If it was Brooklyn Grace, I would like it even more!
Emmaline Raine- This one is nice.
Maddalyn Faith- This one would be nice if it was spelt Maddelyn.
Gracelynn Destiny- I really like Gracelyn (with one 'n'), but I don't really like Destiny.
Arabella Skye- I am not a fan of Arabella, but it flows nicely.

My favourites are....
Maison David
Brayden Lee
Ethan Alexander
(And Shawn Hunter, if it was spelt Sean Hunter)

Makayla Ann
Scarlett Rose
Brooklyn Hope
Gracelynn Destiny

You have a very nice taste in names :)