Monday, January 4, 1999

I've never felt this way before?

There's this girl I met back in November, we've been speaking mostly on Facebook as at school I only have lunch with her, and she's usually with her little group of friends during then. Well anyways at school whenever I walk into lunch I'm usually greeted with her eyes, and I catch her gaze usually throughout. We almost never talk on the week, but during the weekend, we talk all the time. I woke up yesterday to a text from her and we talked up until nine at night on and off. A couple weeks ago, I told her I liked her and asked her to a dance at my school, to me liking her she pretty much said that it was fine. She wouldn't go to the dance with me as it was formal and she has scars. Anyways last night we were talking as always and we started to insult each other back and fourth, and she had the idea I guess to do it on each others walls so we did that. And after that she was telling me she won, and kept offering money so I'd feel better or something. (This isn't the first time she's tried to give me money, I always turn it down) So after this she said she had to go, and 3 entire minutes later we start texting. She's also been really into sending pictures back and fourth, not of ourselves but of where we are. (she took me on entire pictorial tour of her house for some reason) She's also asked me to hang out a couple times (before I told her how I felt) Things just always seemed to come up though. Anyways, she hangs out with dudes all the time, I don't know if I'm just a friend or what, hell she went to a movie last night with 2 of her chick friends and some dude she knows, but I don't know what was up with that. I mean last night, she was telling me how this other dude said he liked her then stopped talking to her and stuff. Anyways, I really like her, more so then anyone else I have before. Probably the closest thing I've felt to love. The thing is though, I just feel like I'm going to get burned. Kind of in a pickle. There are other things I've left out like how last weekend she told me this past friday she was going to this dance (not formal) after school then to a party with TONS of hot guys, (Saw her walking to the bus on friday, and texted me through the night), Today she was supposed to give me this funny picture some dude drew and its been passed around, she was supposed to give it back but didn't for some reason. She glanced at me a lot like usual. And last night she said she "really needs to hang out with someone this week" (My friend said she was implying she wanted to hang out) Sorry about the wall of text, but I really need help.

Answer on I've never felt this way before?

Ask her out on a date...