Monday, November 23, 1998

How fast will I lose weight if I do this?

I am 270 lbs and 6 feet tall. Obviously overweight. 17 years old. Build big, naturally big boned besides the fat. I am sick and tired of being fat. Almost to the point where I would do anything to lose it fast. I do realize that it takes a bit of time, but I was wondering how fast I would lose 40-50 lbs and beyond if I follow the following weight loss plan to the letter:

Cardio 6 times a week

weights- chest biceps triceps etc 4 times a week

1-3 small meals a day give or take (I am kind of hungry but not starving myself)

6-8 bottles of water a day

Eating fruit etc with my meals.

If I follow this plan to the letter, how fast will I lose 40-50 pounds? and beyond?


Answer on How fast will I lose weight if I do this?

I would say a few months maybe 3-6 months around there maybe a little more or a little less