Monday, September 14, 1998

Laptop screen goes black after login.?

i think a virus got on to my computer cause when i log in to my account the screen is just black, all i see is the mouse, now i tried the explorer fix and that didn't work, and i have no clue what else will work, i'm thinking of installing a new windows to it but i got no money for windows, so how can i fix the computer?

p.s computer shops are charging us 200$ so we are not bringing it there cause the computer it self was 250$.

Answer on Laptop screen goes black after login.?

If you can see a login screen and a pointer on the screen that moves with the mouse after logging in then I think your video card is working. If you can get a context menu by right clicking on the blank screen you may just need to set up the display properties.

You are getting the normal displays while the computer is starting up ? If not you should try a safe mode start up (this is slow be patient) and check the drivers, run your virus check, etc.