Thursday, August 20, 1998

I cheated on my husband 8 times!! Help me!?

Ever since my spouse found out that I cheated on him( 8 times ), he has treated me just like housemates. I know I am wrong and I am trying very hard to reconcile with him but it seem quite impossible now. We did make love occasionally but the 'heat' has die off, it's no longer like before where we kissed passionately and enjoy orally too, which he refused to do nowadays. I tried many ways to make build back the trust but it seems to be useless. How can I gain back his confident? I do blame myself for all these mess but then I kept explaining to my spouse that I am just a human being and bound to make mistakes.

Answer on I cheated on my husband 8 times!! Help me!?

Try to stop screwing every other guy on the planet for starters.