Tuesday, June 9, 1998

Italy-scotland score?

Answer on Italy-scotland score?

I guess we will set up defensively so I dont know how Scotland can score ( Boyd cant do it on his own and Miller cant score). I hope we can get a 0-0 draw but I am more inclined to believe my head which says 2-0 to Italy.

PLease Help Me ASAP?

i need some help, I Recently married someone in the service (navy) and he was in a rush to marry me i had jus met him a week ago and i thought i had no onther choice in to marry him to be with him because he was leaving back to italy in 2 days well we got married and now its been 7months and we have had nothing but problems he treats me like crap and always talks down to me and he takes all the money its hard for me to pay my rent or my bills my electricity jus got shut off because i couldnt pay my bill, once i started trying to find out what my rights are and i had asked him bout it he got mad and said its my money your not doing anything an saying you dont need to be talking to anyone well my question is what can i do, please help me....

Answer on PLease Help Me ASAP?

He takes all of your money?! Depends on how you feel about him. Do you want to try to make the marriage work? If you do, consider marriage counseling. Marriage is a partnership, not a one way street. If he isn't interested in counseling or doesn't see there is a problem, then seriously consider getting out before the problems get worse.