Monday, May 25, 1998

Loosing weight help? Please?

I am turning 13 soon, and my life long dream [well, ever since i was in 4th grade] was to loose weight. I am kinda heavy... last time i checked i was like 165 pounds... I've always been a solid girl. I want to loose weight as fast as possible, but naturally. No pills or diets. Just eating right and excersizing. I am also kinda lazy, so any tips of changing that? Also, don't say rude answers. I put this question up for help, not to make me feel more insecure that I already am.

Answer on Loosing weight help? Please?

It is possible to lose weight fast but you should be realistic and comprehend that if you lose weight rapidly then you will almost certainly put it all back on again just as rapidly. I lost 8 pounds in recent times when I had a wedding to go to, and I did it by following the tips and tricks presented on the web portal in the box below.