Friday, May 1, 1998

Where should I go for my next Euro-trip?

I'm planning an Euro-trip for next year and I have the following tour options:

a) London, Paris, and Rome
b) London, Paris, and Barcelona
c) Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), France (Nice, French Riviera), and Italy (Rome, Pisa)

Which one should I choose? I prefer the last one, but it doesn't include Paris...

Help, please!

Answer on Where should I go for my next Euro-trip?

Well depending on what you are wanting to do should dictate your choice. Nice is ok if you want to lay out on the beach. Other than that, there is not much there.

I love Spain! It has to be my most favorite country. Paris, London, & Rome are all great cities. I've been them all. If this was my first time to Europe, I would pick A. If you ever go back, see Barcelona for sure. It is one of my most favorite cities, but you can't miss out on the history and architecture of the other cities.