Thursday, March 5, 1998

Why is it that i'm so fat?

I'm a fifteen year old girl and my weight varies from 170 - 186 lbs depending on the week. My stomach is not HUGE but it is pretty big, i have big **** (which i'm guessing are those **** that fat people get), and my thighs (but only my thighs, not the rest of my legs) are pretty big.

But i'm wondering WHY i'm fat. I eat 3 meals a day with maybe a few light snacks in between meals. I keep my calories around 1500 (not the greatest). The food I eat is not terrible. for breakfast i'll have something like a croissant and apple juice box, or a toast with peanut butter and half a bottle of water. for lunch i'll eat something like a salad, or an oven baked wrap. For dinner i'll have something like a cesar salad, rice, and some chicken strips (made in the oven). I might have a few snacks in between lunch and dinner, and dinner and bedtime which may consist of cheese slices and soda crackers, or 2 oreo cookies.

My diet is not the best but it's not terrible either. I detest foods like burger king, McDonald's, and pizza pizza. If I go out to eat it's usually somewhere like Mr. Sub. I also don't have desert or candy through out the day. When I do have candy, it's usually Pocky which is these soy biscuits dipped in semi-sweet chocolate and consist of 120 calories for 48 sticks.

I don't play sports and I am fairly lazy. I walk to and from school everyday (15 minutes each way) and usually walk around for 45 minutes at lunch at school, and when I get home i'm usually on the computer all evening. I'm not unhealthy or unfit though because running a mile in gym class is no more of a challenge to me than anyone in my class, and walking up stairs doesn't make me feel winded.

People don't tell me i'm fat out of the blue or anything, but if I ask people, they tell me i could stand to lose a bit of weight, which i fully agree with.

But seriously, why am i fat if my lifestyle isn't nearly as bad as some of the other kids my age who are skinny?

Answer on Why is it that i'm so fat?

Most people usually think they eat a lot less than they do. In fact, most people estimate their caloric intake to be about 1000 calories lower than it actually is. My first suggestion is an intake journal. Count calories in everything you take in. Include sources from all fluids, condiments and measure portions (would you believe 2 fig newtons is a serving).

With a quick glance of your average intake, I can see closer to 2000+ calories, and those who are overweight tend to be less honest or forward about their intake. Using a food journal and adding EVERYTHING you eat will only serve to help you. Just because you can run a mile (which every teen should be able to do) and not be winded walking upstairs, doesn't mean that you are fit.

Gaining weight is a matter of burning less calories than you consume. You can still gain weight eating the healthiest foods in the world if you over eat.

Once again, start a food journal and increase your physical activity.

The other component is activity level. You said it yourself, you do nothing to burn any significant calories

Cooking with Quorn?

I have some good recipes for Chicken Vindaloo, and Coronation Chicken but because I'm on Slimming World diet, wanted to try cooking this with the Quorn substitute for cooking.

I've only managed to find the frozen chicken pieces so just wondered if I have to defrost it before I add them to any recipe first?

Also, if I cook a curry with Quorn, can I re-heat it the next day and it still be ok?

Answer on Cooking with Quorn?

I've been a veggie for almost 15 years and i've done slimming world too!

Quorn is an awesome substitue for chicken especially on slimming world. it can be cooked from frozen or defrosted (it just takes longer if frozen) or you can buy the chilled version and can be reheated easily.

Quorn curries are great, you can also make quorn bolognaise, quorn chilli (with the mince), quorn pasta bake and just about anything else you normally do with meat and its all sin free!