Saturday, February 21, 1998

Wow are we really this unlucky!!?

Man wtf how those the usa just get phucking lucky time after time
last year in the confederation cup the only reason they passed was because Brazil goalio a Italy and Usa beat Egypt because the usa had last to italy and Brazil!!
im not really mad at the usa im more mad at mexico for not doing sh!t and its because of Aguirre!!!!
idk wha to say just its some BS!!!!!!!!!They now have an easy team to play most likely serbia and mexico has to play Argentina!!!

Answer on Wow are we really this unlucky!!?

It wasn't luck. Give credit where credit is due, the U.S played non-stop with heart and will. I know I'm going to get a lot of hate, but Mexico lacks that severly, they always have. I have never seen Mexico play like the U.S does, and I think the U.S is going to get far in this World Cup. Si duele, pero seamos realistas.