Monday, February 16, 1998

Can someone explain the concept of 3G and 4G?

i know 3g and 4g is basically getting internet access on a mobile phone, is it not? can someone expand on that topic for me because my family is changing our mobile network from Centennial Wireless to Verizon, and I plan to get a phone where i can surf web/ check Facebook etc. on-the-go. can someone also give me some nice phones that are 3G or 4G compatible and preferably a touch screen? (i don't want an iphone)

Answer on Can someone explain the concept of 3G and 4G?

Hey Eliot, simply, 3G and 4G are basically an upgrade in the internet and the web. Both let you go on facebook and every web site. only 4G is faster than 3G. so it is only matter of speed. most smart phones right now work with 4G and thats why they are faster, and thats why there is i phone 4 i think