Sunday, February 1, 1998

What is wrong with me??? Frequent urination and fatigue?

So I have been on a serious diet (counting calories) and a very strict workout plan of at least an hour a day. I recently began having problems with urination frequency. It seems that its worse after I eat. Like I will eat lunch at work and then I am going to the bathroom every 20 minutes for the next 2 to 3 hours. It doesn't hurt or anything but I go a lot when I go. I literally feel like all of my food is just going right through me. I am very very fatiged and it feels like every move I make takes all of the energy I have. Over the past 3 days I have developed a pain in my lower right back. There is something in my back that I can definately feel protruding and it moves...that's where the pain radiates from. I went to the ER Friday and they contacted my pcp and put me on an anti-inflammatory uti med for the weekend. Problem is the pain is getting much much worse and I'm feeling weaker. My pcp is aware of all of this and has had me on 2 different antibiotics for possible uti's (which didn't help at all) and she also ran blood work for diabetes, anemia, and thyroid---all of which were ok (I do have hypothyroidism but I have been on meds for that for years). I am 23 years old and so very tired of feeling weak and tired all the time. I just want to know why I am urinating all the time and what this pain in my back is from...any suggestions????

Answer on What is wrong with me??? Frequent urination and fatigue?

Was your hypOthyroid caused by Hashimoto's (antibodies present) or do you know? That makes a BIG difference.

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