Saturday, January 10, 1998

Snake bite piercing questions?

ohk1st off im thinking of getting snake bites just to add to the scene look im tryen to make for my self but i kinda had some questions to anyone who's ever had them done.

1) How bad do they hurt? i don't have any other piercings but I've been doing airsoft and paintball for a good 3 or 4 years so my tolerance to stings has gotten better but what i am more worried about is the after effects like does it hurt to eat/ talk? and for how long?

2) how good do you think they would look on me?
pic of how i usually look:

let me know, thanks in advance

Answer on Snake bite piercing questions?

Ehh don't do the snake bite piercings. They do not look attractive at all. But my friend had one done he said it didn't hurt but it is weird to eat and talk with. And he has to take them out for job interviews and work. So why go through all the hassle?

I want him back (10 POINTS)?

Me and my ex broke up 4 months ago (both 15)
He broke up with me..but we both messed up.
So two weeks after we broke up he got a new gf and he is still with her..
He doesnt really make an effort to talk to me.
I really want him back. I thought time would heal it but 4 months later I still like him.
Hes elder brother (17) has asked me out..
I do like him but no where near as my ex.
Please dont tell me to move on.
Ive tried. I cant.
How can I win him back?

Answer on I want him back (10 POINTS)?

Contact him either by fb or text him,,dont talk about u want him and all,,simply talk to him ,ask him how is he and other things,,jst talk to him about nything xpt love and ur past.ask him to go out with u just like that,,fr the old times sake or something,,if he agrees,,meet him somewhere,,have fun ,njoy time together and den tell him that u are sorry for wat happened btw u two(even if it wasnt all ur mistake),,and tell him whats on ur mind and ask him to b with u again..if he refuses,,then u the only way u can have him back is by giving him electric shock and hypnotism ....jokin
u will have to move on,,find somebody else.