Saturday, November 8, 1997

Our mother goose is attacking our male ducks?

We have a toulouse goose and 2 chinese ganders. to alleviate the fighting between the males we brought in another female. All was well for awhile. But the goose has bonded to the new female and one of the chinese, chasing away the other gander. BUT NOW if any male duck gets within a few feet of her, especially if they are chasing a female, the goose goes off on the male ducks. She climbs on their back and starts pulling feathers out of their back. She has beaten up a couple of the males and pretty sure she broke the leg of a mallard drake that had to be put down. Any suggestions on how to curb or alleviate this behavior? they have a fairly large fenced in yard, are fed and watered daily and have access to a pond. BUT we are tired of the mounting vet bills.....Please help.
Thank you, Dean

Answer on Our mother goose is attacking our male ducks?

This is going to keep happening because the female goose is being territorial. It's possible that this is worse because it's spring and it may settle down in years to come, but for now, the problem isn't going away.

I would HIGHLY recommend fencing off part of the yard, and keeping either the ducks or the geese in the fenced portion, or just splitting so they all have enough space. The geese can usually defend themselves and be ok with other geese, but the ducks I would worry about. Eventually one may be killed.

The only way to avoid more fighting, vet bills, and deaths is to separate.