Sunday, October 12, 1997

Is this is agood diet?

heey everyone
the thing is that i have special plans after 4 weeks
and i ndeed to lose not less than 6 kilo grams
so that's my diet:
breakfast: acup of yogurt with fruits or Cucumber+acup of orange juice
lunch: vegetarian soup with apeace of bread and low fat cheese
between lunch and dinner: 3 cups of green tea
dinner:asmall amount of pasta which has not more than 200 calories or asmall sandwich which also doesn't has more than 200 calories.
plus: i will walk or swim daily for not less than 30 minutes
and the total calories amount per day is less than 700 calories

so guys do you think this will work or it is just too much ?????

Answer on Is this is agood diet?

You are undereating if anything. First off, you need something other than simple carbs in the morning. Your yogurt is packed with added sugar, the fruit is giving you more sugar, and the orange juice is even more sugar. Skip on the orange juice and yogurt. The fruit is good, but you need better more complex carbs in the morning. Try some oatmeal, or grits, or something of that nature. You also need some protein in the morning. Maybe some milk, or peanut butter or cottage cheese.

Your lunch could also use some protein.

Between lunch and dinner you could add in a small meal to keep your metabolism up, like 1/2 cup cottage cheese, or another piece of fruit.

You really don't want to be eating so little calories a day. While I don't know your current height or weight, not many people can diet succesfully with less than 700 calories per day. I recommend you look up your BMR using an online calculator and subtract no more than 500 calories from that number if you want a good weight loss plan.