Sunday, September 28, 1997

Weight issues, help me out?

I'm 15, female, 5'11 and 215 lbs. I don't eat EXTREMELY healthily but i haven't seen fast food in months, the occasional slice of cake or bowl of ramen noodles are the worst things i can think of that i eat, other than that fruits, vegetables, and a healthy amount of protein everyday. Same with exercise, i don't work out on a regular basis but i live on a stables, so i ride horses and get more than 2 miles of walking everyday just bringing them to and from the pastures, so why is it then, that i'm still fat? I know i'm tall but i still have a gut and you could carve an average 15 yr old kid from my thighs, it's disgusting. I've tried dieting but the most i'd ever lose is 10 maybe 15 lbs and then i'd stop losing any, i'd still keep with my diet though, but after 3 or 4 months of no change, who could blame me for stopping? Also, i have a slightly irregular heart beat so i can't exactly go to the gym and work out for two hours, a half an hour on the treadmill at a jog is all i can stand, otherwise i'd literally pass out from not enough blood reaching my brain, it's happened before, from when i tried to exercise more consistently. Am i just forever doomed to be overweight? Or is there some kind of tip i'm totally missing the memo on? I know im still young, and my weight may even out as i get older, but for those of you who have gone through or are still in high school, you know how tough it can be, and pressure for drugs and alcohol is bad enough, but i also have to deal with constant criticisms of my size. Really if i could just get and hold my weight to 180 i would be bouncing off the walls in joy, can anyone help me get there? Or at least give me some advice on starting down the right road?

Also, please, I appreciate the kind comments, but i don't want to hear the "You're perfect just the way you are!" speech, I want help, not lies.

Answer on Weight issues, help me out?

ok you need to burn fat. 3500 calories equal a pound of weight. If you eat more calorise than you burn (EX eat2500 burn 1000) you gain weight. If you eat less calories than you burn (EX eat 2000 burn 2500) you loose weight. so you need to eat less calories and increase activity that burn a lot of calories (EX walking run jog). but dont over do it.

Another thing dont put too much presure on your self. dont push and push. start off slow and slowly increase and before you know it you will be great.

just go at your own pace.