Saturday, August 16, 1997

Christmas Gift Ideas?

i need to start my christmas lists so can i have some help with ORIGINAL gift ideas?
for my mom- she always says she never gets to pamper herself so and i was thinking about getting her a spa basket...but what are other cute ideas that arent extremely pricey?
for my dad-im not totally sure but he really likes nice things and italy lol so same thing not too pricey but a cute original idea???


Answer on Christmas Gift Ideas?

Mom - bath salts, body lotion, emery boards, buffer, loofah, scented soaps

Dad - not sure, what else is he into? Reading, sports, cars, cooking, etc?

Other ideas:

Make a laminated bookmark: find pictures or photos that they would like - animals, Italy, sports, cars, flowers, pictures of you and them - it can be a few small pics or just one, glue it to construction paper, then take it to Staples and get them laminated, then cut it. After hole-punch the top and put a ribbon or twine of some kind through the hole.

Make a 'love jar' and fill it with origami hearts, flowers and slips of paper with notes of appreciation written on them or 'I love you' written in different languages (on the back write which language it is).…
Say I love you in different languages

Decorate empty jars to use as pen/pencil holders or decorate empty soup cans - take the label off and wrap them in fabric or colored paper and decorate them. Decorate with pictures of Italy for your dad and relaxing pictures for your mom.