Saturday, June 28, 1997

How do i convince my parents to get a twitter?

ok ok ok, so i REALLY want to get a twitter. I am old enough and i really want it to stay in touch with my friends and follow justin bieber and selena gomez (cuz they r my fave singers n i wanna become one). so anyways i have not asked for anything big. I have a phone and it was not bought for me (long story) so its tht and i have an email which for no reason my dad made for me and i dont have a facebook myspace or any thing. So i tried EVERYTHING and ANYTHING u cood think of. I begged and then i started acting mature and made like slideshows showing what i wood do, what i wont and everything. i did something really nice for my parents. and they are the STRICKTES PPL IN THE WORLD! i didnt ask for like a month and then brought it up and they said no. i told them it wont invadee my life, take over my skewl work, or anything bad. I will do all my chores h.w. and only will go on it bout less then 1/2 a day. I said they can see who im following they can take it away, ill put on the MOST PRIVATE settings and wont give out personal info. i have never asked for anything else. I have done everything showed them i was mature by doing everything....and nithing worked so any clever mind out there? PLZ HELP AND THX IN ADVANCE

Answer on How do i convince my parents to get a twitter?

This is a hard question. First, ask your parents to get a Twitter account. If they say no, keep reading. Do something nice for them (like save their lives) and they may say yes. This is just maybe, so I may be wrong.