Thursday, June 26, 1997

I'm not sure about my feelings for this girl?

i'm a 40 year old man divorcee. i have 2 kids, a 15 year old daughter and a 13 year old son. both of them live with my ex wife. i'm currently working as a financial analyst.
for the past few years, i have been frustrated relationship-wise and resorted to hiring escorts.
around 6 months ago, i asked for a young latina girl. when veronica (that's her name) showed up at my motel room, i was blown away. she was the cutest little thing ever. she was wearing a short denim skirt and a tank top and looks like selena gomez. i invited her in and asked her to strip for me. she has a great body, but i could tell she wasn't very experienced and seemed really scared. what ended up happening was that i covered up and asked her what was wrong. we ended up having a heart to heart convo. i found out that her mexican parents sold her when she was 13 because they owed money and she was only 16. i asked for her number and promised to help her.
eventually we went on a getaway. i put her in another apartment i own in another state. i'm not sure if my motive is pure though. i still get touchy around her and i still feel like i want to sleep with her sometime down the line. at the same time i feel sorry for her and she went through. i just want to give her a good life from here out and that shouldn't include me sleeping with her. i'm very confused. please help

Answer on I'm not sure about my feelings for this girl?

Wow ok, well im an escort so can kind of relate to this question. I would say be hones with her and find out how she also feels. Im intrested to know which escort agency this is with but you really need to speak to her i can understand you feeling like a farther figure but if youhave sexual feelings youv almost answered your own question you do want to have sex with her. maybe you can but also help her in the process