Sunday, May 18, 1997

How can I find out my real last name?

when my great granpa came to america from italy he changed the last name. I am not planning on changing it back and i know the name was either DeLucia or Lucia, but I am not sure which. The name he changed it to is Lucy.
Please give me suggestions and ways i can find this out! thank you!

Answer on How can I find out my real last name?

When and where did your great-grandfather enter the country? Did he do so under his birth surname? Did he change the name later? Where might he have made this name change? Did he do it legally, via a court? A court where he was living at the time? Or was the name changed at the time of his entry?

You'll need details about entry point, first name, date of birth, anyone else who entered with him, and where your great-grandfather came from. The very first thing you must find out is where your great-grandfather entered the U.S. If you know, and if you know approximately when, then you've got a good start for research.

There is no such Italian name as "De Luciaa," but De Luca (and Deluca), di Luca (and Diluca), and Lucia are possibilities.

But you need to check immigration records for the presumed point of entry AND Catholic parish and civil property and tax records where your great-grandfather lived in this country. Even if your grandparents are dead, your parents and some relatives in their generation should know something about locations and addresses.