Saturday, May 3, 1997

Justin bieber is....?

im so sick of justin bieber, everytime i turn on the news he's either on or their talking about selena gomez. why the hell is he on national news? he's just a *****. there are some serious things going on in this world like the attacks in libya and not to mention the japanese tsunami. so why are we wasting our time with this little kid justin bieber. whats so great about him anyway? who agrees?

Answer on Justin bieber is....?

I agree. hes jus a tweenie heartthrob that adults got sick of a week after he came out. kudos for him for making it big offa youtube but damn Im sikk of everyone talkin bout him posting questions about him how they wanna marry him blah blah blah. like u said there is more goin on in the world justin bieber is doin fine i kno wat they culd put on the news justin bieber donating some of his money to japan or justin b not talkin about hisself....hmmmmmmm i wonder if everyone can stop lettin tweens dominate the news for a second long enough for humanity to get the world bakk on trakk....theres too much tragedy in the world right now we cant afford to have ppl like justin bieber on the news....talkin bout hisself....his rich n great his life is.....we need to b worried bout the ppl who dont have it that justin bieber shut the fukkkkk up for a minute n stay at home.