Wednesday, February 26, 1997

Why is it that "Drake".....?

What is the best "Drake" song/lyrics that you have heard so far?

Answer on Why is it that "Drake".....?

November 18th by Drake for sure
[Verse 1]
I'm so high even when I'm comin down just met a girl said she from the H-Town, I said my name is Drizzy and ain't nobody realer a cup inside a cup smokin' ghost face killah got these boppers goin crazy ***** I'm the man I sent your girl message said I see you when I can she send me one back but I ain't never read it cus ******* only pussy and I get it when i need it and

I'm tellin you when homies runnin' down in the winter and I be riding rims with tires in it thinner air force stun fly charters over seas full of Don Perian and the water for the D's don't know why it happens everytime we alone but here we are again and I swear I'm in my zone so ima sip this drink till' that ************ gone than you go get undressed and we gone get it on
Verse 2
I don't give you the time you deserve from me
This is something I know,I know, I know
So tonight I'll just **** you like we're in Houston
Taking everything slow so slow, so slow
But I do it to her
Draped up and dripped out know what I'm talkin bout 3 in the morning get it poppin' in the parking lot it's on once again and I never pretend a ***** stay G till' the end

Yeah this is the best