Sunday, February 2, 1997

What could be wrong with me? This isn't right, I'm just a teenager! And I know no one else with this problem!?

I've got a health issue. First of all, whenever I exercise, I get bigger instead on toning down. I eat healthy VERY often. Examples: Eggs, whole wheat, tea, non-fat milk, lean meat, TONS of veggies, homemade salads with lots of mushrooms, purified juice with no added sugar, very little sweets and sodas, healthy soups and tv dinners, V8 juice, etc. I also eat moderate amounts, no overeating. Even though I eat healthy, I still gain weight and am recently noticing more fat on me. I'm not on medicine that has weight side effects, I've tried different diets, I had a personal fitness instructor, I went on southeast diet (whatever it's called), etc. But all failed. I also recently got my thyroid checked, they said it's not fast but they said it's healthy and doesn't have that very slow thyroid issue/disease. I've honestly tried everything and I'm only 18, so I can't imagine what I'll be going through if I still have this issue in my 30's/40's. I'm also a virgin so I can't be pregnant. What else could be the problem?!!! I'm so confused and worried, I get fatter every month or two, it's scaring me! And so far, nothing is working and I don't have any thyroid disease! I'm so confused! By the way, I'm jealous on my teen friends, they eat unhealthy and never exercise yet nothing happens to them.
By the way, no one else in my family has this issue. They're either fast metabs or fat from eating unhealthy and not exercising.

Answer on What could be wrong with me? This isn't right, I'm just a teenager! And I know no one else with this problem!?

Even if you're eating healthy but eating meals few and far between and then if you eat a big meal out of nowhere then your body will store that big meal because it doesn't know when you're going to eat again so it stores the fat away. Try eating lots of small meals and don't skip meals and don't not eat and then eat a huge dinner.

Not good with cameras, which is better?

Ok, so to give you a little background, I bought the Olympus 550 wp this summer and I don't mind it, but it doesn't take very good pictures. I am going to Italy this summer and I really want to get some great pictures, so I was looking at the Canon Powershot SD780 IS and am thinking about buying it.

Do I keep my camera and try to work with it? Or is it worth it to buy this camera in the long run?

Answer on Not good with cameras, which is better?

If you've tried everything to "improve" the image quality of your current camera, you can buy a new one if you're really not happy with it. The Canon PowerShot SD780 is a great choice. Plus, it records video in HD, so that might come in handy for your trip to Italy. The SD780 is great for the price, too. I'd say it's worth it.