Thursday, January 30, 1997

First set of correct answers gets the 10 point prize.?

1.There is a barber in a small town in Italy. He shaves all and only those persons who do not shave themselves. Who shaves the barber?

2. I have in my hand a white handkerchief. I have in my other hand a black raven. I propose that I can prove that all ravens are black using my white handkerchief. Ravens are part of the category “Black items” Therefore all non-ravens are in a category “Non-black.” My white handkerchief is a non-black item. Therefore this supports that all ravens are black. Does this logic support the idea that all ravens are black?

3. Melissa’s baby goes missing. Melissa finds that an alligator has taken the child. Melissa asks the alligator to give the child back. The alligator tells her that he will return the child if she answers a question correctly, but he will eat the child if she answers incorrectly. His question is thus: Will I eat your baby? Melissa replies, “Yes.” What will the alligator do?

4. There are 5 animals, A, B, C, D and E. Each animal is e

Answer on First set of correct answers gets the 10 point prize.?

1. The barber shaves himself. Because you have written "He shaves ALL and...". All includes himself as well.

2. No, it dosen't support the logic. Ravens could be "Non-black", but still be Ravens.

3. He will hand the baby back. If he was so intent of eating the baby, he would probably have not proposed the question to Melissa in the first place.

4. Lets take two cases...

Case 1...Suppose A is dog.

Then, according to the conditions given,
B is dog, C is wolf, D is dog, E is wolf, and A is wolf...which contradicts our assumption.

Case 2...Suppose A is wolf.

Then, according to the conditions given,
B is wolf, C is dog, D is wolf, E is dog, and A is dog...which contradicts our assumption again.

Thus, there are no fixed species of animails here, or the data given is insufficient.