Wednesday, December 25, 1996

Poll! Poll! Poll! Do it!!!?

Twilight or Harry Potter
Drake or Lil Wayne
Trey Songz or Jeremih
Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato
Nikes or Vanz
Hip Hop or Rock or Pop
Michael Jackson or Prince
Curly hair on a boy or straight hair or a fade
Ice cream or a slushie
Sonic or McDonalds
E! News or Disney Channel
Hollister or Abercrombie& Fitch

Answer on Poll! Poll! Poll! Do it!!!?

Lil Wayne
I dont know
Demi Lovato
Doesn't matter
Disney I guess

What language do they speak in Fiji?

Thinking of a end of the year trip. Place like Mexico, Italy, and Paris are overrated. Been to them on spring break(s) and they are always packed. The local stay hot spots like that are usually crowed throughout the year.
I've been looking into Fijij and most of the islands are owned by Americana's. They rent them for a couple hundred grand lol. But they do have villas, and small hotels that are to die for. Literally!
Just wondering what language they spoke there, I want to get a book on it or something.I know there are a few, but the main language would be great! I was searching online but my cell phone screen is hurting my eyes. A quick fix YA!.

Hope someone can help me out, thank :)

Answer on What language do they speak in Fiji?

Official languages : English, Standard Fijian/Bau Fijian, and Hindi/Hindustani (official status under the 1997 Constitution)