Thursday, November 14, 1996

My mom asked me if I am anorexic... How do I tell?

I am pretty skinny at 5'9'' and 102 pounds, but I do not believe I am anorexic. (And I am 17 and a girl.)

Here is what I ate today:
-frosted flakes cereal
-peanut butter sandwich
-2 clementines
-potato chips

I know I eat a lot of junk, and I am going to go on a "health diet" soon, but I'm not anorexic am I? My mom thinks I am because I am such a small size at 00.

Oh and I'm a model, so she reads about anorexic models all the time and thinks that I've suddenly turned anorexic or bulimic or something.

I sound healthy, right? What should I tell her?!

Answer on My mom asked me if I am anorexic... How do I tell?

You haven't eaten enough today, too few calories and your metabolism slows down which makes it more difficult to lose, and much easier to gain, weight until you get used to once again eating a normal diet.
If I was your mother I would be worried. Typing your stats into the boxes on the site linked below I got...
" a BMI of 15.1
Your child is underweight"

You don't sound healthy to me, tell her the truth about why you eat so little.
We lost a member of our family with an ED and not a day has gone by in 18 years that I do not think of her.