Tuesday, September 24, 1996

Wireless Internet Costs in Italy?

How much does internet access typically cost in Italian hotels? I have to bring my netbook while traveling and the cost for International access from the US is hideous. I'm wondering if it's less expesive to just use whatever access might be provided by the hotel? I'm taking a road trip from Rome to the Swiss border and back.

Answer on Wireless Internet Costs in Italy?

There are some hotels where the wireless internet is free like the Hotel Verona in Verona - you need to ask for a password and user id at the check-in desk, but there is no charge. Other places I've been here have charged between 9 and 19 euro per day depending on the hotel and the service provided. Not all places here offer internet and fewer have wireless internet. There are some internet places in some of the cities that have relatively decent rates by the hour. the Internet Train in Florence is near the market where the Il Porcellino sculpture is. Or there's a place in Venice near Rialto on the way to the train station that has hourly rates around 5 euro.

I use this site for hotels here: http://www.venere.com/hotels/italy/ You can at least identify the hotels that have internet access and usually the ones where it's "free" say so.