Monday, September 23, 1996

Children and a vegan diet?

I had just asked a question in the vegan section about good vegan recipes. I have another question though.
I have three children, two of whom eat solid foods now. Is it safe to have them on a vegan diet? My only concerns are their ages and the rate of which their bodies grow as toddlers. I for example can tell myself by the way I am emotionally or physically feeling, if I need more iron per say, or more vitamin c or something. Young children don't really know how to tell someone that they think their diet is lacking in something.
Would you recommend me changing my children's diets into vegan diets too. Or should I just do a relaxed vegetarian diet, such as allowing eggs and some dairy products?
I would really rather that our whole family make this change, I'm just concerned about my children getting all the nutrition they need. Also my eldest son is a picky eater, so that also concerns me.

By the way, My husband and I have been vegetarians for a while, but just recently became vegans.

Answer on Children and a vegan diet?

here is list of books that help you…

a) make a good choice of what levels of vegetarian vegan diet you want for your kids
b) helps you explain to young kids why you do not eat meat
c) help you learn to deal being a vegan mom with vegan kids in a meat eating world.

The books are pretty recent. - last fives years. see which one you like best and read it and make the best healthy choice for you and your family.,

PS. i am vegan and I hope to raise my child vegan. of course there will be times when they will be vegetarian out of the house, Example birthday cake at a friends house!

How can I lose about 40 to 50lbs. and get into shape? ( 14 y. o male )?

Hi, im 6'2 male(14 years old) and im fat... i weigh around 260. what could i do to lose around 40 to 60 pounds before football season? what kind of diet should i do? when will i notice a difference?

Answer on How can I lose about 40 to 50lbs. and get into shape? ( 14 y.o male )?

Losing weight is easy. That is important to understand. If you eat "right" - weight will melt away like a snowman in Mexico. The same rules apply for getting a 6-pack!

So what exactly is eating "right?" Traditional schooling doesn't acknowledge the difference between cooked and non-cooked food.

Step 1. Drink more water. Everyone should be drinking 50% of their body weight in ounces everyday. This alone will cure you of many of the common ailments AND give your body the fluids to help dispose of all the waste(fat) you can't seem to get rid of. Make it an absolute priority to drink 50% of your weight in ounces EVERYDAY.

Step 2. Eat more Raw foods. Fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. All raw. Eat all day - always have a raw food snacks on you - and be prepared to eat them. You can find Raw Food recipes all over the internet.

Step 3. Eliminate - white foods, processed food, soda and limit cooked food

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