Thursday, September 19, 1996

One of my friends isn't including me in on ANY of her wedding stuff.. It's kind of hurting my feelings?

I have this good friend since High school. Senior yr and the first 2 yrs of college we was inseparable! People even thought I lived at her dorm when I didn't! 2nd yr of college I got pregnant and I moved back home because thats where (now) hubby lives. That was almost 3 yrs ago. By this point our lives where totally different. I'm a mommy she's a partying college student. We didn't talk much except on Facebook and sometimes on phone but hardly ever. So to be fair we really haven't talked much over the past few yrs but I would still have considered her to be one of my better friends. Now she is getting married and not including me in on anything! I'm not even invited to the wedding.. I wouldn't have expected to be in the wedding party or even in the wedding at all but at least invited (which it is not a small wedding at all)! She posted on facebook today that today is her bridal shower. Something I would have expected to be invited to as well as the bachlorette party. I mean we have been good friends for a really long time now even though we don't talk as much now. I comment on her stuff on facebook all the time and she doesn't even respond.. I left her a post on facebook saying how happy I was for her and I wish I could be around to help out more and stuff and she didn't respond to that either. I guess my feelings are hurt.. Maybe she just doesn't want to be my friend anymore? But I have no idea why we haven't gotten in a fight or anything. ever actually. Do I have a reason to have my feelings hurt or am I just being dramatic? I left her a comment on her post about her bridal shower and said I hope you get lots of goodies and have fun! If she doesn't respond I think I'll delete her since FB is really the only way we communicate anyways. Anyone have advice opinions ect?

Answer on One of my friends isn't including me in on ANY of her wedding stuff.. It's kind of hurting my feelings?

Wow if you were that close she should have invited you. I would not worry too much you can get other friends and ones that will invite you to a wedding.