Wednesday, September 11, 1996

Could the guest host of WM be Justin Bieber?

It'd be pretty stupid(IMO) but it's possible. What do you think?

Answer on Could the guest host of WM be Justin Bieber?

nah, can you imagine how many fans they would lose because of that, justin bieber cannot sing for ****, and if he was at wrestlemania, people would riot if they just saw his ugly face

Somee Good SOnggs ,!? (: Pleaseee?

Can you help meee pleeaseee ?! (: I need lots of good NEW songs for my MP3 playerr buut idk what to put on it so based on these other sonngs i lovee can anyone give me a list of song u wouuld recommmend.

Thanxx (: P.s Im a teen so like those types of songs teens like

-Like a G6
-I love anything NeverShoutNever
-Boys Like Girls
-Ocean Avenue Yellowcard
-The Drake Over CD
-Anything Young Money
-Bleed Hot Chelle Rae
-Hey Brittany Forever The Sickest Kids

Oh Yeaa and dont say like artist or a certain CD, name songs ....XOXOXOXOX thaanks (:

Answer on Somee Good SOnggs ,!? (: Pleaseee?

Drake- I'm Ready For You
Nicki Minaj- Right Through Me
Rihanna ft. Drake- What's My Name
Wiz Khalifa- Black and Yellow
J. Cole- I'm on it
Lil' Wayne ft. Drake- With You
Drake- I Get Lonely Too
Wiz Khalifa- Know Your Name

Im sorry that I'm listing Hip Hop and rap songs, but that's all I listen to. The next song, I can almost guarentee you'll like.

Pixie Lott ft. Jason Derulo- Coming Home

Tell me if you do : )