Friday, August 16, 1996

Just some questions about stuff...?

Hydroxycut Advanced: When to take it? Before I work out, after I work out, WHILE I'm working out? I have the kind you drink, not the pills..... And don't waste your time telling me that it's not going to work and blahblahblah. I realize it's not some magic weight loss thing where I can sit on my @ss all day and eat junk food, and expect to lose weight. I DO plan on keeping up with diet and exercise, but I figured I'd give it a try, see if it helps at all.

Weight: What's a normal, healthy weight for a 19 year old girl? 5'7" and active, so I'm pretty muscular. Not telling what I weigh now, but I know it's more than I should.

Weighing myself: How often should I do it? Once a week, three times a week, or what?

Thanks for any HELPFUL advice//tips.

Answer on Just some questions about stuff...?

A healthy weight would be between 125-145lbs. If you're muscular you'll likely be around the 140-170 range.

I suggest you weigh yourself once every 2 weeks, so you can see noticeable difference in your weight.