Saturday, July 20, 1996

Why do premed students always brag?

It's ALWAYS a freshman in college who is in the process of taking intro anatomy who tells everyone they are premed. They put it on their facebook, they introduce themselves with "hi im joe, premed"
they never let an opportunity go by without talking about their recent aspirations to enter the medical field.

now, looking back on my freshman year (or any of my college time), i cant remember ever bringing up my major (the same) unless someone asked me. what's the deal?

Answer on Why do premed students always brag?

It's become a status symbol. Premed means, "eventually a doctor". A doctor of what, nobody knows, but it implies that one day they will be more financially well off than most as well as "I'm smarter than you". As long as society keeps treating it like that, they'll continue to exploit it.

IMO, if they happen to see school through to the end and actually become doctors, then it's perfectly justified. If you crash and burn, you're just a tool.