Sunday, June 30, 1996

How can I convince my dad to let me go on the vacation of my choosing?

I just graduated from high school, and my world-traveling aunt is taking me anywhere in the world (except Asia and Oceania) as a graduation gift. She took my sister to England and Scotland, but I want to be a bit more adventurous. I'm most interested in either Peru or Spain w/ Morocco. My aunt is up for either destination (she's been to Costa Rica, Italy, Argentina, Vancouver, Turkey and Thailand). My father, however, despite not being the one paying for the trip, says that I am only allowed to stay in the US or go to Canada or Western Europe. I don't want to seem spoiled, because the opportunity to go *anywhere* abroad is fantastic, but I'm angry with him. This is MY trip. It is my aunt's gift to me, and she's paying. Furthermore, I'll be studying anthropology next year at college, so it's not like this will be the first time I'll have to go to a moderately unsafe place. He says that I'll be kidnapped and forced into drug trafficking if I go anywhere in South America (mind, I can speak Spanish), and I'll be the victim of a terrorist attack in Morocco because I'm "not Muslim." I understand his concerns, but I think his automatic stereotyping is appalling.

Answer on How can I convince my dad to let me go on the vacation of my choosing?

If you're 18 and moved out, you can do as you please. Until then, it's his house and his rules.