Tuesday, June 4, 1996

My mom has got me into thinking cheating on husbands/BFs isn't bad!!?

Shes been cheating on my dad ever since! Whenever I hear about parents cheating I have no sorrow and I think 'big deal'. My mom is always on stuff like match.com and when she goes to Italy she always is email these guys and she even brings condoms with her!! The first time I realized this was going on was in 3rd grade. My sister was in 6th. My mom invited on of her Italy "friends" to go to NYC with me, my sister and her. Not my dad! The whole time they where holding hands and stuff. It was horrific! Then, the guy came back to the house with us for like a week to stay. It always makes me sad when my sister told me when she got off the bus people would be like "whos that guy on your porch?" The guy would always smoke around us and stuff. My dad also tried to explain to him that him and my mom were married! After a TON of family fighting, my mom still cheats! And when I tell her I'm neer going to she laughs and says I'm "soo silly" and "I'll learn." Please help me!

Answer on My mom has got me into thinking cheating on husbands/BFs isn't bad!!?

Apparently your father tolerates this behavior, and that's his right. Few people in general would accept it though.

If you are ever cheated on, you'll understand why it upsets and angers so many. It's very hurtful.

I hope you grow up to be a better person than your mother is..and treat people with honesty and respect. She'll be working on getting her karma back in balance through several lifetimes.