Monday, April 29, 1996

Is it all a game, or is it just cause she took me for granted? (Help please)?

Am I JUST a friend, or am I just a FOOL?

Well, you see, there's this girl that I've been talking to for about 3 months. It started off great, me and her texting back and forth, her telling me that she likes me 24/7. She gets on the phone, and tells me how she loves my smile, personality, and my whole attitude towards things. But, whenever I asked her to go out, she told me, "I really am considering going out with you but, I have feelings for my old BF." I kept it cool, and just brushed it off.

Every time I saw her at school, she'd always be all over me, hugging me, and tugging me to hug her. " So, we went to a football game, and I was holding her close to me and everything. During half time I told her, "I'm going walk, you're going to be around when I get back" She was like, "Yeah, I'll be here." I get back, and she's talking to a whole group of dudes! I don't take well to a girl trying to take advantage of me, so I just started ignoring her again.

Then I posted a pic on FB, she commented and said, "This made me miss you forreal" then she started texting me again, and I remember we were on the phone, and then we got into convo about BF & GF stuff, and I just straight up said, "I don't think you could ever be my girlfriend." And she started talking about, "Idk I just like being single at the moment, I can't do a relationship right now"

We had a great convo last Saturday. But, I texted her at 4pm on aSunday, she didn't respond until 11pm, so she called me and said, "I'm so sorry, I saw it and I thought I responded....etc etc." So I said, "Let me call you back in 10 minutes," 15 minutes pass, I call pick up. So I texted her, "So you call me, I answer. Then I call you, no answer?"....A day later on Monday, she tried to hug me, and I just walked past her. She FINALLY texted back saying, "You called me when I was sleeping...your tripping" when the fact is, we follow eachother on Twitter, and she was talking to another dude whenever I called. So, I just didn't answer the text msg.

I've been ignoring her since last the last time she tried to hug me (Monday), but not until yesterday did I text her, and back to the usual antics...she texted me late. But today, she came up to me and gave me her usual BIG squeezing hugs. I thought everything was okay...

But, then I saw her walking with her ex-BF all on his arm...and that just crushed me.

She used to have so much time to talk to me, she'd always text ME first. Now, it just seems like she comes around when she feels like it. She's finally took me for granted

Is it time that I move on, and just stop all communication, and hugs? Because I will NEVER chase a girl....but, I do have feelings for her. It just seems like she wants a piece of everyone nowadays though.

Answer on Is it all a game, or is it just cause she took me for granted? (Help please)?

Yeah, I think you should move on with the way she's acting. I think you're right, she wants more than one guy, but she's single so she can. Ask her out maybe? see if she says yes, then when she does, she won't be able to be so free with other guys. But do it because you actually have feelings for her, not because you want her to yourself. I think she does have some feelings for you though and that's why she keeps going back to you. Either move on or ask her out. You decide. Just don't keep playing her games. It's just hurting you.

Good luck