Sunday, March 31, 1996

Stay single or statrt looking?

Stay single or statrt looking?
Okay so this is going to be a very long story (ish) about my past year, or just half a year, and boys. OKay so awhile back this guy added me on myspace, we talked, and figured out we had alot in common, then we started talking everyday, we both wanted to meet, he was only one year older than me, and not that long away he was an 8th grader, me a little 7th grader, he started getting flirty same here, but more drama came, we still haven't met and it's been more than 7 months, he's had girlfriends and i've had boyfriends over the time we've been talking, we saw eachother at a football game, but didn't say anything, but we talked about it online. he is in high school right now, me still in middle school, next year i will be going over to the school he's at, but right now we arent talking it
s been like a month since we last talked, we talked for our first time on video chat, he never replied to my answer to somthing so obviousy the convo was done, (i went to the restroom, and when i went he turned off the video chat? so we were im ing.) - wasnt peeing while video chatting,i left my laptop in the other room. his friend in my grade won't shut up asking me if i still like him, the boy that i met along time ago is a pretty cute skater boy, if that says anything, he told my friend he did it 3 times, so i'm trying to stop with liking him, and just awhile back he got caught smoking at school, go kicked out, and is being homeschooled. he should be back after december. idk if i should talk to him.. idk if i actually still like him..

so that's the deal with boy #1, then there's another one. he is a cutie, and we've talked twice, not neccisarily in person, first saying hi, then the next time he asked where i was, becuase i was gone for 2 days from school.he's really nice and cool, and idk if he definetly like me, he's single now, but idk how i look to him.. i sometimes catch him looking at me, but that doesn't really say much.

and then there's boy #3 my friend talks to him a little bit, but definetly isn't really someone i could for surely like, becuase i don't really like him.

my problem is, i really need a guy. I am almost always lonely feeling, and i miss the feeling of having a boyfriend to cuddle with, if this says anything, my friends and total strangers think i'm really pretty, so i guess it's not my looks, i'm not fat, exactly average, i'm shy, but i can be nice and talklative. idk if it's me or if i should just wait for highschool, for an oppurtunity..

10 points, thank you for reading this, sorry for the long ness..

Answer on Stay single or statrt looking?

Okay first of all, your in Middle School, there is so much more you should be doing rather than worrying about us silly boys. Your young and should be enjoying your childhood because you can never get it back and trust me once you get older your gonna wish you could. Second of all you shouldn't just get into a relationship just because you feel you need a guy, besides I don't know too many boys at your age that just want to cuddle, lol. Only you know yourself best so if you do feel that you need a guy then you need to ask yourself "What qualities do I want my guy to have to best serve what it is I am needing". The first guy you described seems like trouble. Kind of like the bad boy type that will only break your heart in the end and that can be devastating for someone your age. The 3rd guy you described sounds like he just really isn't your type cause you yourself even said that your just not really into him. So the obvious choice would be the 2nd guy you mentioned. He seems like he genuinely cares about your well being and would be there for you when you needed someone. Honestly though, I would wait a little longer before getting into a relationship with someone just for the sake of making sure you know what it is in someone you want. You seem like an intelligent girl and you said you are pretty so those are 2 lethal combinations. Beauty and Brains. I know that any man worth being with would jump at the chance to be with someone like that. However some guys are a little shy and can be intimidated by a beautiful woman. If you really like someone don't be afraid to let them know because the longer you wait for them to say something the farther you drift apart. I hope any of this helps with your decision. Good luck to you.