Wednesday, March 27, 1996

Whats the best way to loss weight from yours belly?

Hey, I recently am trying to lose weight, everyday I do a 1 hr jog/run and and 30 minutes of other various things e.g. sit ups and am also on a diet. However, I was wondering, what the best way to lose weight from the stomach/belly area?

Answer on Whats the best way to loss weight from yours belly?

In order for you to lose weight you need to eat more foods that are rich in carbohydrates are the backbone of a healthy lifestyle. Carbohydrate rich foods are potatoes, cereals, rice, breads and pasta. Carbohydrates give you energy and can help aid in proper digestion. They also provide essential vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and several B vitamins. Carbohydrates can also help you keep the amount of fat and calories down to a manageable level because they are low in cholesterol, saturated fat and fat.

You should avoid foods that do not have any real nutrients in them. Foods like candy bars, cookies and soft drinks. Protein plays an important role in your body's daily functions. Proteins are the building blocks for our bodies tissue. Proteins are found in almost all foods. When you are trying to lose your fat belly fast, you should eat foods like lean meat, fish, eggs and chicken.

Let's talk about fats. Saturated fat is not good for the body. Processed foods contain saturated fat, butter, margarine, milk chocolate, and many processed foods also contain saturated fats. Foods that contain saturated fats can clog your arteries and cause several diseases. Make sure you check the ingredients before you buy.

To achieve a good balance in your diet, here are some foods you should include in your diet.

1. Wild Salmon - Omega-3 fats in salmon can help reduce the risk of a heart attack
2. Broccoli - It has plenty of vitamin C.
3. Fat-Free or 1% Milk - It is a great source of protein, vitamins, and calcium without any artery clogging cholesterol and fat.
4. Sweet Potatoes - is one of the best vegetables that you can eat. They are loaded with fiber, potassium and Vitamin C.
5. Brown Rice - microwaveable brown rice is easy to prepare and better for you than white rice. You lose zinc, copper, magnesium, vitamins e and B-6 that are in whole grain rice.
These tips should provide you with a blueprint for losing your fat belly fast

Who saw Justin Bieber get booed at the Knicks game yesterday?


Answer on Who saw Justin Bieber get booed at the Knicks game yesterday?

I wished I saw this. I bet it was hilarious. gonna look it up on you tube now.