Tuesday, March 26, 1996

Workout and health tips anyone?

A bit of backstory here: I'm female, 5'9 & 1/2, I always weighed around 125 pounds from highschool till just recently. I am now 23, same height, and now weigh 138. This weight seemed to come on quite suddenly over the past year. I've always had abs, and they are still there but I seem to have this spare tire around my stomach and love handles.

All my life I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain a pound. I have always been a very active person, I like to run, ski, workout, go to the gym, and anything active. So I did eat somewhat fattening but I did a lot of physical activity. Now I thought my metabolism might slow down a bit, but i never expected this.

Now nothing has changed really in respect to my diet (except I've tried to cut out fast food, I used to eat alot more in highschool). I still am active. But I've been trying to loose this spare tire and love handles, and it will NOT go away. I do the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout everyday (30 minutes) of intense cardio and muscle building. I've been doing this for roughly 2 months and all I've noticed is my arms are building more muscle. I haven't lost a single pound.

I find this change extremley difficult (the diet aspect) because I've always just eaten whatever. I eat fairly healthy but I do eat quite a bit of fattening foods, and sweets. I can't seem to find the will power within me to cut out certain things.

Recently I've tried eating low carbs, chicken and salad sort of thing but I feel so deprived by the end of the day and shakey and just end up eating buttery popcorn, or chocolate bars anyway (cause thats what I'm used to eating).

Does anyone have any tips on how I could go about toning up my stomach, and possibly loosing 5-10 pounds, because what I'm doing is not working. And I thought exercising everyday would work, and now I'm just extremely frusterated. Should I increase the exercise?

Thank you so much!

Answer on Workout and health tips anyone?

Sounds like you are doing a lot right. However I would actually suggest really mixing up your routine. In order to to burn more fat, you need to work your larger muscle groups. Your back and legs are the biggest muscles in your body, if you work them they will require more energy to build and repair. You mention you are doing a lot of cardio. Maybe look at integrating weight and resistance training into your routine. I am not sure how much Jillian Michaels incorporates? Muscle building burns more calories and if you are doing the same workout every day, you are going to plateau (your body is going to adjust to the workout and expect it, in turn will burn less energy). In all look at hitting your entire body, when you workout. If you do upper body one day do lower body or vice versa. If you are sore do cardio, yoga, or stretch out. Hit your abs 2-3 times a week but be sure your giving your body ample rest to recover.

Think about it if you are constantly working new parts of your body, your body is gonna be burning calories during and after the workout more so, compared if you are doing the same routine.

Also sounds like your diet for the most part is on, but make sure breakfast is the biggest meal of the day with lots of protein, which will make you feel fuller. Try to avoid empty calories. Don't be afraid of eating carbs either your body needs them for energy especially if you are planning to be active. Eat complex carbs (whole grains) instead of enriched flours ( things like white bread or tortillas). Finally don't be afraid to eat, your body needs fuel and you need to eat more to burn more.

Hope this helps a bit!