Monday, March 25, 1996

UCSF, Chances of me getting in?

Hey there, i'm currently a Junior at a high school, and i'm starting to look for colleges. I live in the Pacific Northwest ( close to Seattle ). I'm thinking of pursuing a medical field as my career. I currently go to Newport High School ( ranked 37th best high school in the US as of 2009 ). Also a turn of events, I may also be moving to Las Vegas during my Senior year in high school. I don't know how much that would change anything.

My GPA is a 3.85 ( a few AP classes, Honor classes which students are forced to take at Newport )
PSAT Score: ~1750-1850 ( looking to score around 2k on my real SAT on May 7th)
Community Service: 100+ Hours
Sport: Tennis team

I'm really looking to go out of state, I would prefer not to go to University of Washington, even though their medical program is amazing, but after being accepted into University of Washington, I would still need to apply to get into the medical program ( which being the best in the nation I think I would have a really hard time in/getting in ). Does UCSF have a similar way of getting into their medicine field or could I just take the class/program? Do you think I should even look towards UCSF as an out of state student? Please give me your input, or if you are a student there how is the campus etc. Any information would be nice, new to looking for a college. Just a note incase any of my information I have is wrong, UCSF Is University of California, San Francisco and they have the 4th best medical primary care program?

Answer on UCSF, Chances of me getting in?

UC San Francisco is a graduate school only for medical, dental and nursing. You have to go elsewhere for an undergraduate degree.

Maybe you mean San Francisco State Univ. Google their website.