Wednesday, February 21, 1996

Does anyone at all know of any weird music?

Post WEIRD band(s)/musician(s) here. I've asked this question twice and have only heard one person suggest a weird band/musician which was called Merzbow. A weird band for me does not necessarily have to be noise music such as Merzbow, but just something that's actually weird and like... not regular - and in fact, extremely irregular.
Here's a list of bands I have had suggested to me before, some of which I like, none of which are weird:
Pearl Jam
Marylin Manson
Bela Fleck
Drowning Pool
Neutral Milk Hotel
Sonic Youth
The National
Justin Bieber
Flo Rida
Soulja Boy

There were other bands with elements of weirdness, but I'm looking for bands that are purely obscure and unique and while King Crimson, Bjork, Pink Floyd, Slint, Of Montreal, and even NMH do have elements of weirdness and can sometimes be rather obscure, I'm looking for most likely less mainstream music, so if you actually know anything about weird music, please post something. If you do not know anything weirder than the bands listed, then please, don't bother.
Thanks :) and don't hold back!

Answer on Does anyone at all know of any weird music?

Dub Tractor.