Wednesday, January 17, 1996

A good diet to gain weight?!?

i loved my body, everything about it but then i got on an adhd medication and it completely takes away my appetite. i dont wanna stop taking it because my grades have gone way up but i really need a good plan of what im going to eat through out the day to help me gain weight cause im really starting to stress. i want to gain 10-15 pounds soo can someone tell me foods or drinks or any sort of diet to help me gain my weight back?? you will be a life saver :)

Answer on A good diet to gain weight?!?

It's the opposite of trying to lose weight... drink your calories. That doesn't require appetite.

If you can afford them, get some of the weight-gain drink mixes for bodybuilders. Some of them have 1000 calories per serving. Drink one first thing in the morning, and there's half the calories you'll need in a day to gain weight. You're probably consuming at least 1000 calories the rest of the day, ad you'll be able to consume the same amount even after. Drink some chocolate milk and/or eggnog... about 300 calories per cup there, and again it won't affect your appetite the rest of the day.

Also, try salty, fatty and sweet (all in one) foods. It's a blend that fast food places do well... and it tends to override the body's satiation signals, so you can eat more.