Sunday, October 1, 1995

Can HHH vs Taker in Career vs Streak be as legendary as HBK vs Taker last year?

Personally, I have to say no. It obviously won't unless you're the biggest triple H mark. Everything about last years match was legendary. The build up was just amazing. It was a rematch of another legendary match. It was Shawn Michaels last match. It was two of the best workers f'n going at it in the main event of the grandest stage of them all.

When was the last time Triple H has even had a classic match? Don't get me wrong I respect triple H but he has done nothing special since...well, since forever! For Taker vs. HBK people were just blown away by how good the match was. We all knew it'd be good but it far exceeded the expectations that anyone had going into it.

For Taker vs. HBK II, it had that emotional aspect of HBK possibly retiring for good to help put it up. We knew how great the action would be so everyone was pretty prepared for that, but the emotion generated by this possibly being the very last time we saw Shawn Michaels wrestle made it just as good as the first one. This match also did have roughly 6 months of build to it. HBK at least has a story going into the career vs streak match where by beating Taker at Mania consumed him. HHH is out for almost a year and Taker is out for months. If and that is a big if that they return on the Raw after EC that will only give them about a month to build up the feud.

As for the emotional investment, we won't be anywhere near as emotionally invested in this match. Because if this all happens, HHH will come back, and they'll only have a month or so to build towards it. With HBK/Taker, it was teased since November/December the previous year. Plus, with the quality of the match at WM25, many clamored for a rematch. We got it. Not to mention Taker/HBK history dated back to the 1990's.

Taker vs HHH at WM 17 was also a classic, just not on the same level with Taker vs HBK at WM 25, IMO. If this match were to happen at 'Mania 28 instead of this year, (again if it does happen.) it would have much more potential to be as legendary as HBK/Taker. HHH needs one last solid run...not just one last match. If 'Mania 27 features HHH vs Undertaker in a career vs streak match only after 6 weeks of build'll be a huge let down. Save it for WM 28 if HHH really wants to retire big (although I still don't see the need to have his last match with Taker instead of someone with actual history with HHH like Orton. And I dislike rematches at The Streak minus the match with HBK).

Just on the premise of it being a rehash of last years match would make it forever second to Taker/HBK, IMO. Not to mention the participation of HBK as ref will inevitably avert all the attention of a possibility of s crew-job instead of the actual quality of the match itself. Sorry HHH fans.

With The Rock and Justin Bieber ensuring PPV buyrates, I'd rather see HHH goes against Gaymus (seeing how it's gotten a year build-up) and Taker against Vince after he reveals himself as RAW GM & the one who ordered the attack or Sting (wishful thinking here, but a man can dream). If Vince can do wonders with Shane, Hogan, and HBK, I don't see why he can't do the same with Taker. At least Taker isn't stroke victim like Bret.

But, what do u think?

Answer on Can HHH vs Taker in Career vs Streak be as legendary as HBK vs Taker last year?

Yep, you are 100% correct.
With this year we see the return of The Rock and Justin Bieber will appear at WM 27, people would pay attention more to those than to Triple H's retirement.

And having Triple H vs The Undertaker Career vs Streak match at WM 27 isn't the right time. It could be the most pitiful retirement ever of a WWE Legend caliber of Triple H. And you're correct with just 6 short weeks of build up, not to mention that both of these WWE Legends have just returned from their time off, it could lead into a decent or even bad match.

Just judging from his ability to steal the show and putting classic matches , to be honest, Triple H is no contest compared to his best friend, Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels is a WWE Legend who has never been outperformed in big match situation. Shawn Michaels is the heart and soul of WWE, he truly is the greatest WWE in ring performer of all time, he really makes your money worth. With him at Wrestlemania, you know you will witness a 5 star classic. Shawn Michaels has put uncountable classic matches in his WWE Career. Nobody, I mean, nobody has put classic matches as much as him, not even close. An unprecedented 10 MOTY Awards for this man, HBK. He truly is the greatest WWE Legend of all time. HBK along with The Undertaker shows that we don't need to be "Champion" for so many times and can still be considered the greatest of all time, as you can see how HBK and Taker are No 1 and 2 in Top 50 Greatest Superstars of all time despite they are only a 4 time and 7 time WWE Champion in 20 year career. HBK has it all, he knows how to put on show-stealer and keep the crowds on their feet. That's why I never disappoint he get the honor being the first and only man to challenge Taker's Streak two years in a row, because look how he has put classic in both matches.

Triple H, on the other hand, I respect him. He also has done a lot for WWE, being the Celebral Assasin and winning 13 WWE Titles in his career. Also being one of the greatest heel in WWE History during his Evolution days and part of DX and has done so many great moments, including invading WCW in Attitude Era. But, just judging his ability of putting show stealer and classic matches, Triple H is no contest compared to HBK. Don't get me wrong, he's also a good wrestler, but compared to HBK, not even close.

And most of all, I don't think Triple H will retire at Wrestlemania 27. He still wants to wrestle, remember when he says in the interviews that now he wants to move beyond the title and help the young guys by putting them over. And for WM 27, Sheamus would be a good opponent for Triple H to put over, seeing how Sheamus has jobbed a lot lately. A victory over Triple H (although I feel he doesn't deserve) at WM 27 could fix his slumped career.